Terms and Conditions

Pre and Post Treatment Recommendations

If you book a treatment you may receive an email or text with recommendations for steps for you to take prior to treatment.  If you book by phone our staff may also make recommendations about preparation for your treatment.  These will usually be simple steps like increasing water consumption, not applying exfoliant, applying gels or creams.  It is important that you follow these recommendations.  We make these recommendations as part of making sure your treatment outcomes are as good as possible and your treatments are not delayed for any reason. 

If you have a treatment, our staff may also make recommendations for steps for you to take after your treatment to improve treatment outcomes.  These recommendations may also be in emails or texts as reminders.  Again, these will usually be simple steps like increasing water consumption, staying out of the sun, getting some exercise within 24 hours of treatment.

These pre and post treatment recommendations are an important part of our commitment to creating the best body for you.

Cancellations and Refunds

You must read these terms and conditions prior to booking and prior to your first scheduled treatment.

48 hours notice is required for any cancellation.  If you cancel your treatment without giving 48 hours notice of do not attend a scheduled appointment you will be charged a cancellation fee of 30% of the fee for the scheduled treatment.

If you accept a pre-paid offer, the prepayment must be made at the time of your first treatment of the pre-paid treatment program.

If you not attend a pre-paid treatment and do not cancel within 48hrs of the scheduled appointment time, the treatment is forfeited.

Body Light Salon Pty Ltd will comply with Australian consumer laws with respect to refunds.  If you are unhappy with a treatment or treatment outcome, it is essential that you raise it with your treatment therapist or send feedback using the contact form on our contact page.

Treatment Terms and Conditions

We rely on the health information that you provide in the decision that our staff make in providing a treatment to you.  You must provide accurate health information. 


It is your responsibility to ensure that the treatment that you book is not going to adversely effect any health condition which you have.  If you have any doubts you must consult your registered health practitioner before undergoing treatment.

You must advise of any material change to your health in case this may effect your suitability to treatment or the likely treatment outcome.

When you book on line and undergo your first treatment you must have read these terms and conditions.

We do not warrant or guarantee the outcome of any treatment that you may receive at Body Light Salon Pty Ltd.  By agreeing to undergo treatment you accept that there is no guarantee of any outcome from the treatment.  Different people will get different outcomes from the same treatment.    

We have chosen products that we believe will provide effective treatments for our clients.  We do not warrant or guarantee outcomes from the products that we use or sell.  

We may refer you to other businesses for treatments that may be of benefit to you.  These businesses are independent of Body LIght Salon.  We do not warrant the suitability of the treatment, the standard of treatment or the outcome from the treatment.  If you are not satisfied with a treatment from  a business we have referred you to, then please provide feedback to us and we will try and resolve any issue for you.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of any treatment then you can email us at body@bodylightsalon.com.au or just send a message from our website contact page.  You can also contact the salon on 0478 612 719.