The Science

Ultrasound and Fat Reduction

Higher frequency focused ultrasound is an effective means of fat reduction and particularly good for treating stubborn pockets or areas of fat.

It is the non surgical, non invasive alternative to liposuction and liposculpture. Scientific studies have verified that ultrasound is a safe and effective means for performing non invasive body sculpting with clinically proven results. 


Treatment involves no downtime and none of the risks linked to surgery.


Sound waves at the appropriate frequency cause bubbles in the fat cells and the cells collide and implode. This lipolysis emulsifies the fat and the fat can then be eliminated through the body's lymphatic system.





Lymphatic drainage techniques are recognised as improving results. Once the ultrasound therapy is completed a vacuum applicator is applied to the treatment area.   This is intended to promote the flow of the fat out through the lymph system.  

Ensuring you are well hydrated before treatment ensures better penetration of the sound waves and better absorption of the sound waves into the cells.   This helps with a better treatment outcome.

Ensuring you are well hydrated after treatment helps with the elimination of the released fat from the body.

It takes about 72hrs for the elimination to occur, so at least 3 days must occur between treatments.

Ultrasound and Infusions

Ultrasound is also a great way to improve the effect of topical treatments such as serums and moisturisers.

This is because the sound-waves help the product penetrate the outer layers of the skin.  


This means that the moisturising of the outer skin is improved and the product also penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin.

Ultrasound is a better technology for delivering product to the dermis because it does not affect the integrity of the skin product which can happen with RF heating. 

Radio Frequency Treatments
newest TriPollar RF

Radiofrequency is a mechanism that involves voltage or AC current passing through an electrode to generate electromagnetic waves. The frequency of  the current is the key factor. At higher frequencies the mechanism is well recognised as suitable for medical and aesthetic treatments. 

In simple terms, RF applied to the body, meets resistance and  creates heat.

RF applied to the skin can penetrate the deeper dermis and subcutaneous layers. RF applied in this way causes immediate skin tightening. This is because the heat makes the collagen fibers thicken and then they contract. Collagen makes up 70% of the dermis


RF also stimulates collagen fibroblast production - fresh collagen is produced resulting in taught, younger skin. It takes a longer time to generate the new collagen so improvements over six months can be observed.

We offer the latest in RF technology.  TrilPollar RF technology allows focused delivery of treatment at more moderate energy levels increasing client comfort and effectiveness of outcomes.  

TriFractional Skin Treatment

RF energy is delivered to the skin using micro-electrode pins. These pins come in contact with the  epidermis and at the same time heat is delivered to the dermis through the pins. In the epidermis, the affected spots which have come in contact with the pins, result in small scabs. These tiny scabs shed from the skin after a few days. The scabs can be covered with make-up.


The result from this TriFractional treatment is improved skin tone and texture.


In the dermis, treatment induces remodelling of dermal collagen (neocollagenesis) and of other dermal components.


TriFractional treatment enables safe, tolerable and effective skin rejuvenation without surgery, and minimal downtime.