Other Treatments

60-min  Lymph Massage  $ 120

90-min Lymph Massage  $ 150

Lymph Stimulation Massage

Improving Circulation

The Lymph Stimulation massage works in conjunction with fat reduction treatments and the Lipo-Oval Meder Facial. This massage will help remove toxins, fat and de-congest the body.

  • Great in conjunction with the non-invasive fat removal and Lipo-Oval face sculpting treatments

  • Helps with other ailments such as chronic fatigue,  circulation issues, sinus problems and depression.

Shiatsu Dream Massage

Shiatsu Reflexology Aromatherapy

A pressure point massage which promotes energy flow and releases muscle tension. Aromatherapy oils including lavender, geranium and orange soothes the senses and calms the body.  Relax and dream. 

  • Relaxing massage

  • Indulge the senses 

60-min Shiatsu Dream Massage $120

90-min Shiatsu Dream Massage $150

Full Body Brush $ 140

Half Body Brush $  80

Full Body Brush & Ultrasound Infusion  $ 180

Half Body Brush & Ultrasound Infusion  $ 120

Body Brilliant
Body Brushing and Infusion

​​​Body brushing sweeps away dead skin cells to promote new skin cell growth. It is also another great form of lymphatic stimulation to wash toxins from the body. The Body Brilliant treatment includes Ultrasound which helps to infuse the moisturiser to achieve deep penetration of the skin.

  • Promotes new skin cell growth

  • Deeply moisturises the skin

  • Stimulates lymphatic system to help remove toxins and improve wellbeing

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We use Australian made vegan wax for our treatements

   Brow shape          $35       Brow shape and tint       $50

   Brow Tint             $20        Lash tint                           $25

   Brow shape and tint and lash tint   $65 

Best Brows + Lashes

For everyone 

   Half leg   $45         Underarm    $25         Chest      $60

   Full Leg   $60         Chin or Lip   $22         Back        $45

   Half Arm $35         Bikini             $35         Face        $38    

   Full Arm  $45         G-string       $45          Small area $22

                                   Brazilian        $70


For everyone 


   Express mani          $35                Express pedi               $37.50        

   Spa mani                 $60                Spa pedi                      $60

  File and Polish         $27.50           Toe nail file & polish    $20    

  Spa mani+ shellac   $75                Spa pedi + shellac       $85

                                                           Toe nail file or polish   $15

Manicures and Pedicures

For everyone