Non Surgical Facelift

Skin Tightening Treatment

We Go Deep

Our focus is on skin tightening and the rejuvenation of collagen and elastin in the deeper skin layers. This treatment involves radio frequency but no needling.  Heat causes the collagen fibres in the skin to contract for an immediate skin tightening effect plus improvement overt the following months.

  • Promotes the growth of collagen for a longer term improvement in skin firmness and freshness

  • Promotes blood supply to skin, lymphatic drainage and circulation for immediate improvements

  • Makes skin fresher and brighter

  • For face, neck, hands, jowls and décolleté

Face Tightening  $ 280

Neck Tightening  $ 250

Décolleté Tightening  $ 250

Skin Tightening Hands/Knees  $ 250

Skin Infusion Treatment

Maximum Penetration


The Skin Infusion Treatment uses ultrasound technology that is applied to the skin with a small applicator. Facial moisturiser or serum is then applied to the skin. Low-level ultrasonic waves help products such as masks and serums penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin.  The skins own hyaluronic acid works with the moisturiser to achieve highly effective product treatment outcomes. 

Infusion Ultralux  $ 250  

Full Face & Neck Lift  $ 720

Face Lift  $ 400

Neck Lift  $ 350

Skin Lift Treatment
Attack On All Fronts

​​​Our Devine Pro ultra needling and rejuvenation treatment  combines fine needling, radio frequency and dynamic muscle activation to treat both the surface skin, stimulate collagen and elastin growth in the deeper skin layers.

  • Improves skin texture decreasing pores and irregularities

  • Dimishes deep lines and wrinkles

  • Reduces acne scars 

  • Reduces sun damage pigmentation

  • Improves neck lines 

  • Stimulates facial muscles

  • Tightens and firms the skin

  • Immediate and long term improvements

  • Collagen grows and strengthens

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