Body Light Salon Pty Ltd Privacy Policy

this protects you and gives you rights


This is our privacy policy.  This tells you about how personal information about you is collected and how it is handled.  This policy also covers who we share or exchange your personal information with and how you can access the personal information about you that we have and how you can correct it if you want to. 


You also have a right to make a complaint if any breach of your rights to privacy occurs and this policy tells you how to do this.


What is Personal Information


Australian legislation contains rules about a person’s personal information.  Personal information is your name, contact and address details, age, date of birth and other personal details about you, what services of Body Light Salon you have used or enquired about, payment details including bank account, debit card or credit card details, treatment details and outcomes, photographs, and feedback you may have provided regarding services.


Personal information includes sensitive information.  Special rules apply to sensitive information about you.  


What is Sensitive Information


Sensitive information is the health information that you provide as part of our treatment services. 


How Personal Information is Collected


Personal information is collected when it is provided on a voluntary basis because you are enquiring about a service or treatment, booking a service or treatment or undergoing a service or treatment or purchasing a product.  For example, if you book online we will obtain your contact details and when you come in for a treatment we will obtain your name, contact details and emergency contract numbers.  If you buy a product from our website you will need to provide address details so that your purchase can be dispatched to you.


We may also obtain personal information about you because someone has purchased a gift or treatment for you.  For example, we may obtain your contact details to send you a gift.


We may also collect personal information about you because you have visited or posted comments or provided feedback or responses on our social media sites.  


We may also obtain personal information about you because you have participated in a competition that we have organised, you have been referred by a third party, or you have given permission to other businesses or persons to disclose your personal information.  For example, you may have participated in a phone survey and indicated your interest in receiving body and beauty treatments in your local area.  The survey company may provide your contract details to us.


How Sensitive Information is Collected


If we provide a service or treatment to you we will obtain health information about you.  Health information is used to assess your suitability for a treatment or service or to adjust a treatment or service.  



Storage of Personal Information


Any personal information including sensitive information that is collected about you is stored in digital format on servers located in Australia.


Your personal information is only accessible to staff with relevant authorisation.  Staff are obliged to keep your personal information confidential and only use it for the purpose of  their employment.  Access to personal information is password protected.


Your personal information may also be stored on servers as part of a back-up process for our computer system.  We take steps to ensure that the servers and back-up processes cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons or persons who are not under an obligation to keep your information confidential.


Information about you is stored for at least the minimum period required by law and is then destroyed or de-identified.


Using and Disclosing your personal information


Your personal information is used by Body Light Salon Pty Ltd:


  • To determine your suitability for treatments and services that are offered;

  • To make an agreement with you about the services or treatments that are to be supplied;

  • To provide treatments or services to you;

  • To provide information about the treatments you have booked;

  • To recommend actions you may take to enhance treatment outcomes;

  • To enquire about treatment outcomes;

  • To conduct feedback surveys;

  • To offer products to you;

  • To obtain feedback on treatments and products from you;

  • For devising and analysing marketing and promotional activities.


Body Light Salon Pty Ltd may use other businesses to assist it in operating and developing its business including to devise its social medial and other marketing activities, to conduct market research, to review and develop products, treatments and services, to assess queries or feed back, to develop mailing and contact lists and similar activities.  Personal information about you may be provided to these other businesses to enable them to carry out the tasks they are engaged to perform.


Personal information may also be disclosed because disclosure is required by law, or it is necessary to protect the legal rights or property of Body Light Salon Pty Ltd its related bodies corporate and associates.  Personal information may also be disclosed for health or safety reasons.


On our website and in our published material you may find links to other websites.  These websites are for businesses that are not owned nor operated by Body Light Salon Pty Ltd.  Body Light Salon is not responsible for the operation of these web sites or how the owners of those website may collect, use of disclose personal information about you. 


Please be aware that we may use cookies, web beacons or similar web tracking devices related to our website.  Use of these type of devices may identify a user’s browser but do not usually provide other personal information.  These devices are used to track and analyse how users interact with our website.


Personal information is also used and disclosed in accordance with any consent that you have  given.


Accessing Your Personal Information


Please be aware that if Body Light Salon Pty Ltd holds personal information about you then you have the right to request access to that personal information.


If you access your personal information and find that it is incorrect then you have a right to have it corrected.


To make a request for access to your personal information (including sensitive information) please contact our Privacy Protection Officer by phone 0478 612 719, by email to or writing to Privacy Protection Officer, Body Light Salon Pty Ltd , PO Box 13093, George St, Qld 4003.




Questions and Complaints 


If you want to learn more about this policy or if you want to make a complaint about breaches of this policy or breaches of your rights to privacy, please use the contact page on the website.


If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint then you can refer the complaint to


Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)

Ph 1300 363 992

Fx  02 9284 9666


You can access the privacy complaint form for the OAIC on its website at


Review of this Privacy Policy

This policy was reviewed in September 2017.  Body Light Salon Pty Ltd may review, amend, update or change this Policy from time to time to reflect its procedures, practices and business operations  and its obligations. Any changes take effect when they are made or posted on our website.