Belly Fat & Spot Fat Reduction

Fat removal large area (A4)  $ 450

Fat removal small area (A5)  $ 250

Fat Removal & Tightening

Ultrasound & RF

Ultrasound technology is a non-invasive approach to fat reduction specifically designed for stubborn areas that won't shift with exercise or dieting. Our ultrasound machine is the very latest in non-invasive technology and removes fat from fat cells. The fat cells are then released into the body to be taken away via the lymph system. All Ultrasound fat removal treatments include Radio Frequency to aid in eliminating fat and tightening of the skin. Treatments are priced for larger areas such as hips or belly or buttocks and small areas such as knees, upper arms or bra line.

  • More advanced and effective than fat-freezing technology

  • Non surgical

  • No downtime

  • Painless

  • Include RF treatment to help eliminate fat and tighten skin

Lymphatic Massage

Fat Drainage Accelerator


The Lymph Stimulation massage works in conjunction with fat reduction treatments and the Lipo-Oval Meder Facial. This massage will help remove toxins, fat and de-congest the body.  It stimulates the lymph system to eliminate fat from the body.

  • Great in conjunction with the non-invasive fat removal and Lipo-Oval face sculpting treatments

  • Helps with other ailments such as chronic fatigue,  circulation issues, sinus problems and depression.

60-min  Lymph Massage  $ 120

90-min Lymph Massage  $ 150

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