Facials by Meder

At Body Light Salon we are pleased to be one of the first salons in Australia to offer the facials and home skin care products of Meder Beauty Science. These treatments and products incorporate the latest topical biotechnology in skin care.


Meder was founded by Swiss cosmetic expert and qualified medical doctor, Dr Tiina Orasmae-Meder, who is an acknowledged world leader in the development of effective skin care products, She was one of the key developers of Thalgo's famous Slim&Sculpt massage range. After seven years of development she introduced the first facial treatment under her Meder brand, Myo-Fix, a non-injectable wrinkle reduction facial. It quickly became so popular in Europe she expanded the offering and added a range of products to use at home. The products aim to produce immediate visible results and to continue working on deeper levels of the dermis over a period of months, especially when a series of treatments is undertaken. Some clients find the Meder non-injectable alternative so effective, they no longer seek invasive means to fight wrinkles.

Aside from the Myo-Fix wrinkle correction facial, the suite of treatments from Meder include the Hydra Fill to hydrate and fill out lines,  Lipo Oval Facial to reduce fatty deposits around the lower face and neck and sculpt for more refined facial contours, Arma-Lift facial to tone and lift older skin and reduce wrinkles and stop the signs of ageing,  EU-Seb Probiotic Facial an anti-acne therapy using green tea and chamomile. All facials involve an intensive 6 step process.  A series of facials show best results and then results should continue for eight to 12 months with monthly or bi-monthly top-ups recommended.

All treatments are $185 per session or $800 for 5 treatments over 10 weeks.  Add ultrasound infusion $30


Hydra Fill Treatment

Total Hydration & Filling

The Meder Hydra-Fill Treatment will deeply moisturise and plump your skin for a visibly toned and glowing appearance. It's suitable for all ages and from normal to dry and sensitive skin. 

Time: 1 hour

Course: 5 treatments, 1 per week

  • Hyaluronic acid works as a powerful antioxidant

  • Reaches deeper layers of skin to restore moisture

  • Re-establishes skin's own barrier

  • Afterwards skin will have better ability to retain moisture

  • Fights free radicals and other pollutants

Lipo Oval Facial

Lipo Sculpture


The Meder Lipo-Oval facial lipo sculpture treatment targets the lower and middle parts of the face and neck, reducing double chins and fat accumulated around the jawline. The treatment aims to reduce fullness at jawline and neck, creating a sharper facial line and stronger tissue tone. The Lipo Oval facial will also have a lifting effect.

Time: 1 hour

Number: 5-10 treatments, 1-2 p/w, once or twice a year

  • Reduce congestion of fat and puffiness around neck and lower face

  • Effect is visible toning and evening of skin texture

  • Improves microcirculation to prevent facial deposits

Arma-Lift Facial

Anti-Age Facelift


The Meder Arma-Lift facial is recommended for the 40+ age group and targets dull and tired skin with wrinkles fine lines and sagging.  A key component is epidermal growth factor a peptide which can restart the the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin - regenerates skin and slows down ageing.

Time: 1 hour

Number: 5-10 treatments, 1-2 p/w.

  • Older skin rejuvenation

  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and lifts sagging

  • Creates a bright refreshed skin tone

Myo-Fix Treatment
Wrinkle Correction

​​​The Meder Myo-Fix wrinkle treatment is a non-invasive way to prevent and relieve fine lines and expression lines. This treatment is ideal for ages 30+ who are showing first sign of wrinkles. It works well as a complementary treatment to injectable wrinkle treatments, helping to firm and even the skin. To obtain the best results for your skin in the next eight to 12 months, five Myo-Fix treatments are recommended.

Time: 1 hour

Course: 5 treatments, 1 per week

  • Latest generation of peptides that relax muscles around eyes and forehead

  • Works to relax muscles without breaking functionality

  • Immediate improvement to skin appearance

  • Correction of mild pigmentation, acne and sun damage

  • Promotes new skingrowth and collagen

Eu-Seb Prebiotic Facial

Anti-Acne Therapy


The Meder Eu-Seb facial uses innovative prebiotic therapy to treat problem skin, oily skin, periodic breakouts, inflammations, chronic skin problems and large pores.  Strong anti-inflammatory components include chamomile extract which also disinfects, and green tea extract an anti-oxidant with a cleansing and healing effect and brightens the skin.

Time: 1 hour

Number: 5-10 treatments, 1-2 p/w

  • Reduce frequency and intensity of inflammation

  • Healthy skin ecoflora is restored

  • Sebrum production is reduced to prevent breakouts